IMDA and ESG would like to highlight and bring your kind attention to the following below:

  1. Compliance to IMDA Programme Guidelines under PSG
  2. Vendor’s involvement in BGP Applications
  3. Vendor feedback and escalation channel for your customers

Compliance to IMDA Programme Guidelines under PSG:

Vendors are reminded not to promote their PSG solutions with free incentives, such as offering free non-supportable PSG components, offering interest rebates or having financial loans (that are financed by the vendor) that are bundled with the pre-approved packages.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some examples that breach the Pre-approval Letter of Appointment (LOA):

  1. Provide discount on PSG packages
  2. Provide cashback on PSG packages
  3. Provide free incentives such as
    • ● hardware that are non-supportable by PSG
    • ● vouchers, or other tangible benefits
    • ● credits e.g. stock photos, advertising credits, delivery credits
    • ● services e.g. Photoshoot, Videography
  4. Vendors partnering with finance companies to provide interest free loans to SMEs, where the interest charges are absorbed by the vendor
  5. Vendors did not deliver all the PSG Annex 3 components to BGP applicant

Vendors are discouraged from launching advertising promotions that bundle free PSG non-supportable components with PSG packages.

You may contact for clarifications before embarking on your advertising campaigns.

Vendor’s involvement in BGP Applications 

Vendors are reminded that all BGP applications must be submitted and managed by their customers only.

The following are acts of breaches, pertaining to Clause 4.1.2D on the Programme Guide of our PSG contract:

4.1.2(d): Pre-Approved@SMEsGoDigital Vendor shall not: apply or make claims, relating to any government grant, on behalf of its customers; or manage any contact details and email accounts provided by its customers as part of their applications for government grants.

  1. Guiding applicants virtually or side by side during the application
  2. Filling up the application on behalf of applicants
  3. Providing answers to questions or clarifications raised by BGP processing officers
  4. Enquiring on behalf of applicants to check on BGP status

Vendors are advised to refer customers to follow the online guide ( or contact SME Centres if they require assistance.

Vendor feedback and escalation channel for your customers

Vendors are reminded to demonstrate professionalism in dealing with SMEs customers when disputes arise.

Vendors are advised to:

  1. Develop company’s escalation framework
  2. Share company’s escalation framework with all customers
  3. Channel customers’ feedback to company’s management level before escalating to IMDA or to ESG
  4. Educate customer-facing staff on the Terms and Conditions and compliance required