Design and Branding Conceptualization

Working across a variety of industries (lifestyle, technology, medical, etc.), Bona Technologies has helped businesses establish strong brand visuals to stand out in a competitive marketplace through beautiful and thought-provoking designs.

Bona Technologies maintains brand strength by creating guidelines to support the visuals, and a system of design applications (fonts, swatches, secondary graphics, website design, templates essentials) for our clients to follow as their business needs grow. Reaching both B2B, and B2C audiences, the process begins with a full brief from the client's comprehensive understanding of the deliverables, and brainstorming a strong concept that speaks to the target market and goals of the business.

Bona Technologies consists of a team of highly experienced professionals; an international team with extensive exposure in both Singapore and worldwide. Assisting across all sectors, the creative team works with the support of PR, Marketing, Technology, and Finance and Governance verticals.